Orange 26oz Sports Water Bottle - Easy Grip Technology

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Whenever one goes to the gym to exercise or simply goes outside to exercise they need one thing, a leak proof, insulated, flexible, athletic water bottle. The Kids Tri Hard Clear Athletic Water Bottle is the best for many reasons.

These athletic water bottles have protective shields which creates a stain and mold free insulated interior. 

All of these water bottles are independently tested to be free of BPA by Swiss testing company SGS. The material of this water bottle is meant to last you a lifetime, so once you get it, you won't need another water bottle, ever.

As stated earlier, there are protective shields inside the water bottle. However, these protective shields mimics the way a lotus leaf shields itself to maintain its purity.


We filled a Kids Tri Hard athletic water bottle with tomato sauce for 24 hours. After rinsing, the bottle was 100% stain and residue free. The water remained pure after the test.