Kids Tri Hard Unisex Triathlon Suit

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Parents, don’t you want your kid, your bundle of joy, to start racing triathlons using good quality triathlon suits that are long lasting!

Sounds like something made up, I know, I was once a young kid looking for good kid triathlon suits but I could never find one! Now, thanks to Kids Tri Hard, parents, like yourself, can now find good quality, inexpensive triathlon suits easily. 

One of the great things about this product is that it is anti bacterial which means bacteria can't live on it, keeping your clothes cleaner after a swim in a lake and your child healthy from the nasty bacteria in the water and everywhere.

With this color (orange), it will be easy for parents to know where their kids are in the triathlon to help the parents feel safe, and take some awesome pictures.

Our mission at Kids Tri Hard is to help make the buying of kid triathlon suits process easier for parents as parents need good quality triathlon suits for their amazing kids. What are you waiting for? Click buy, and get ready for your kid to say, “Thank you mom (or dad). This is a great triathlon suit!”

  • Youth Small: Height around 128 centimeters (Around 50 inches)
  • Youth Medium: Height around 140 centimeters (Around 55 inches)
  • Youth Large: Around 152 centimeters (Around 60 inches)
  • Youth Extra Large: Around 164 centimeters (Around 65 inches)